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This Privacy Policy is made in compliance with Federal law of 27th July 2006 №152 «On Personal Data» and defines procedure for processing personal data and measures to secure the safety of personal data for the Sole Proprietor- Lubimova Uliana Viktorovna (here - Operator).
1. Operator considers respect for individual rights and freedoms and protection of the right to privacy , personal and family confidentiality to be prior operating condition.
2. This Privacy Policy applies to all information Operator receives about users.

1. Automatic processing of personal data - personal data processing by computers.

2. Blocking of personal data - temporary cessation of personal data processing (excluding cases when processing is needed for rectification of personal data).

3. Website – set of graphics and information materials along with computer and database software, providing accessibility on the Internet by a network address

4. Information system of personal data - set of data in the database, information technologies and technical tools , involved in processing of personal data.

5. Depersonalization of personal data - actions leading to impossibility to detect personal identity of a user or any other subject of personal data without the use of additional information.

6. Personal data processing - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations), committed by using automation tools (or without) , including collecting, recording, systematization, generating, storage, refining (updating, changing),extraction, using , transmission (distribution, releasing, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion or disposal of personal data.

7. Operator - public authority ,municipal body, individual or legal entity, independently or jointly organizing or conducting processing of personal data as well as defining personal data processing objectives, personal data composition, actions (operations), committed with personal data.

8. Personal data – any information, directly or indirectly related to website user.

9. User - any visitor of website.

10. Personal data submission - actions towards disclosure of personal data to a certain person or a group.

11. Distribution of personal data - any actions towards disclosure of personal data to undefined groups of people (transfer of personal data) or introducing personal data of undefined groups of people, including release of personal data to the media and telecommunication networks or providing access to personal data in any other possible way.

12. Disposal of personal data - any actions towards total disposal of personal data without any further possibility to restore it in the information system along with total disposal of the medium.

13. Seller - SP Lubimova Uliana Victorovna, transferring the goods and services to the buyer for the remuneration assigned.

14. Buyer - person or legal entity , paying money for goods and services purchased.

1. Name;
2. E-mail address;
3. Telephone number;
4. Postal address: address of actual residence and registration;
5. The website collects and processes depersonalized data about users (including «cookie» files) using services of internet-statistics (Yandex Metric and Google Analytics);
6. All the data mentioned above are united by the term «Personal Data» in this Policy.

1. Personal data of the User is processed when we inform by email, while contracting (performing or termination of civil contracts); providing access to services, information and materials on the website for the User.

2. Operator is entitled to inform the User about new products and services, special offers and various events by sending notifications. The User can always refuse to receive notifications by sending an e-mail to marked with «Refusal to get notified about new products, services and special offers».

3. Depersonalized Users data, accumulated by services of internet-statistics are to track information about Users actions on the website as well as to improve the quality and contents of the website.

1. Operator processes personal data of the User only if the User submits special forms, offered by By submitting the forms or sending any personal data to Operator the User agrees with this Policy.
2. Operator processes depersonalized data of the User in case it is allowed by Browser settings («cookie» and JavaScript modes are enabled).

Personal data processed by Operator are ensured and protected by implementation of legal, institutional and technical measures, needed to fulfil requirements of current legislation on protection of personal data.
1. Operator ensures personal data security and takes all the measures possible to exclude access to personal data by third parties.
2. Personal data of the User is never distributed to third parties, except cases connected with implementation of current legislation.
3. In case of any personal data inaccuracy, the User can update it by sending an e-mail to marked with «Personal data update».
4. Personal data processing time is unlimited. The User can withhold the consent for personal data processing anytime by sending an e-mail to marked with «Withholding consent on processing personal data».

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By pressing «Buy» you proceed to the verified payment platform. The goods are paid by credit card. Press «Pay by card». The payment is performed through Sberbank Corp. by credit cards of the following payment systems: МИР, VISA International, Mastercard Worldwide, JCB.
To complete payment info you will be automatically redirected to Sberbank gateway. The connection to the payment gateway and information transmission are performed on a secure basis using the implementation of SSL encryption protocol. For banks, supporting verified payment technologies Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, MIR Accept, J-Secure -entering a special password is required to complete the payment procedure.
This website supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of transmitting personal data is guaranteed by Sberbank Corp. Provided data will not be delivered to the third party, with the exception of cases set under the law of Russian Federation. Bank card payments are conducted strictly in accordance with the requirements of payment systems МИР, Visa Int., MasterCard Europe Sprl, JCB.

Once the purchase is complete, our manager will contact you by e-mail for delivery details. Delivery fee is paid separately on products arrival. Delivery price depends on the destination and the amount of goods ordered. Our manager will help you to choose the best delivery option. Products will be sent to the recipient within 7 days after their delivery details are confirmed. Shipping time depends on the delivery method preferred by a purchaser. We deliver all over the world. The delivery company is fully responsible for the time and quality of the shipment. We are not liable for any kind of damage during shipment.

We provide official guarantees from LEVELBOX component manufacturers. Guarantee period is limited by 14 days after purchasing a product. Any malfunction caused by a manufacturer detected within guarantee period should be reported by
e-mail (state the «return of the goods» in the e-mail subject).
Please, provide clear pictures and detailed description of the problem discovered.
We'll process your application within 7 days, repair, immediately replace the items (if available in stock) or give the money back.
Refund will be carried out directly to your bank account within 5-30 days (depending on the bank, issuing your card).

1. The User can require any clarification on any matter about processing personal data by sending an e-mail to
2. This document will be updated in case any changes of Privacy Policy occur.
This Privacy Policy is effective for an indefinite future period unless replaced by a new version.
3. You can get free access to updated version of Privacy Policy at

If LEVELBOX brand is bought or united with another company, personal data of the User may be transferred to the new owner in order to continue providing goods and services to customers.

If you are willing to correct, change or get access to any kind of your personal data we operate, as well as to register a complaint or obtain additional information - please contact our privacy policy specialist by sending an e-mail to
Name of the legal entity - Levelbox brand owner:
SP- Lubimova Uliyana Victorovna.
TIN (Taxpayer identification number): 665401905240 / PSRNSP: 319723200079173
Actual address /Legal address: 625504, Russian Federation, Tyumen region, Tyumenski district, Borovskii area , Novaya Ozernaya street, section 326/3, 326/4, 326/3, 326/4, premise № 2.
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