Who is it made for?
We are focusing on two age groups : kids over 4 years old
and teenagers. Good news- Levelbox «Universal» is coming soon! We will keep you updated!
Levelbox F.A.Q
How long will it take me to complete the tasks?
It depends on the box you choose and your dedication.
Minimal time- 2 hours.
What makes each Levelbox so good for parents?
- Adults are involved into the game process while having free time to do household work or work.

- You get an opportunity to leave your kid with an older brother/sister, grandmother or any other adult, being sure
the time is spent efficiently.

- It guides teenagers to use devices and the internet in order to upgrade and acquire new skills.

- It inspires a player to learn: a kid collects bonuses completing the tasks and afterwards exchange them for awards.

- It gives you scripts to organize family or kids events with great fun.
Can I use Levelbox at school or kindergarten for educational purposes?
Absolutely! Here is what we noticed:

Modern educator is a guide in the world of information technologies.
The wider his or her practical experience with technology is, the more effective and involving the whole educational process becomes to kids.

Levelbox offers a lot of creative activities, including those tested for group work via mobile technologies.

Levelbox keeps you tuned. It is a training simulator, that makes communication with modern schoolkids real and efficient.

Levelbox shares ideas. The Levelbox website is updated monthly with new ideas to organize leisure events workshops, creative projects etc for FREE.
How do I know if I've got a skill?
A capability repeated continuously becomes a skill.
Levelbox creates a favorable environment to develop skills
and positive opportunities to apply them to.
The more tasks you complete from the Levelbox,
the better your practical skills become.
Do you deliver to my country?
We deliver all over the world.
Delivery details
How much is delivery?
Overall delivery cost depends on the following:
- The destination of the delivery.
- Quantity ordered.

Delivery is paid by the purchaser.
Learn more here (section 5, 6) Privacy Policy.
How long until my order is delivered?
It depends on the destination of each order.
Did we answer your questions?
For more information please e-mail us: info@levelbox-game.com.

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